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Eight times I tried to look at the forum this morning and every time I was redirected to the App Store, specifically betting apps. Is anyone else experiencing this? It makes the forum almost impossible to access at times. Any solutions? Have pop ups blocked, tracking off and block cookies but I'm a bit of a tech dinosaur...
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I use chrome with adblock - but that's on a desktop pc.

If you're getting redirected to the app store and betting apps, I'd be inclined to run a malware scan.

Pop up adverts - SLO76
Must be an issue with my phone. When I'm using broadband it doesn't happen but switching to 3's network and it happens constantly but only with this site for some strange reason.
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SLO76 - if you have a moment it would be very helpful if you would report that to


You contribute so much to the forum that you deserve to have ready access to it!


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