B Max powershift - scot22

Having been enlightened by a previous post I have continued to look at B-Max s. I have already learned that my motoring requiries petrol. A significant number of B-Max s are powershift.

Again I appreciate it varies but what views do BRs have on this system ? Any general comments on car also appreciated and used.


B Max powershift - Avant

I think the B-Max and C-Max are both basically good cars, but there have been problems with the 1.0 petrol and 1.6 diesel engines, and particularly with the Powershift dual-clutch transmission, which seems to be no more reliable than the dry-clutch version of the VW Group DSG.

Have a look at the 'Good and Bad' sections of the reviews on this site, including the Fiesta and Focus which are mechanically similar.

Your motoring requires petrol, you say - we'd most of us agree with that. But does it also require an automatic?

B Max powershift - scot22

Thanks Avant. That's made it clear for me. It was just that there semed to be quite a few of autos (mobility ?) that I thought about them. I don't want to risk expense and inconvenience so looking at manual petrol only.

B Max powershift - daveyK_UK

The 1.4 petrol is okay to drive, its no rocket but its fine and the car handles nice and the gear box is nice to use.

Avoid the powershift, when Ford and its dealers dont know how to fix them (when Ford begrudgingly accept responsibility it always seems to be a full replacement as opposed to fix), best to avoid like the plague.

The fact Ford quietly stopped using the powershift is enough of a reason to avoid

B Max powershift - Volts

Ford did indeed appear to drop the PowerShift on petrol models. Seems to be somthing to do with the low miles and stop stop nature such cars were typically enduring

B Max powershift - scot22

Thank you additional advice, much appreciated, to confirm avoiding powershift.

My one concern with 1.4 is 0-60 shown as 15 seconds. Unfortunately not able to find between gear acceleration. I acknowledge being OCD about safety but feel good acceleration, not speed is important.

In light of Avant's post now looking at C Max. Accepting my parking equires improvement lean to smaller cars but should I make more of an effort for more space etc !!!?

Very keen now on B or C-Max and there seem to be a few around : possibly more with new reg due.

B Max powershift - runboy

Interesting to hear Ford have dropped the Powershift from petrol models. Do we know what the replacement is? Have they moved back to torque converter autos or can you only buy manuals now?

B Max powershift - Rhubarb

I was looking at this a while ago, understand it is a 6 speed torque converter box known as the 6F35. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GM-Ford_6-speed_automatic_transmission

Edit: Having said that, it's only available with the 1.5 Ecoboost engine which is no longer available in the C-Max in the UK. Focus only from what I can gather.

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B Max powershift - daveyK_UK

Can only assume the motability market was to big for them not to have an automatic option, hence going back to a torque convertor only in the Focus.

B Max powershift - scot22

Its no wonder simple people like me become confused.


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