DS5 - Farewell - drd63

So after 97,000 miles and 4 years I've parted company with my lovely DS5. For all those who have issues with French cars you might be interested to know that nothing went wrong - not even a blown bulb. 4 pairs of front tyres, 3 rear, 1 set of front pads and discs, 4 services, apart from screen wash no fluids ever dropped in level let alone needed topping up.

So today was my 1st 196 mile round trip commute (although I only do this journey once or twice a week) in my partial replacement. So what have I learnt? Keyless, EPB's, ambient lighting and cruise control - only when they've gone do you realise how good they are! New stuff, DAB radio is fantastic as is filling up with petrol again!

I can now rest my conscience knowing I'm not chucking out loads of particulates and am getting 49 petrol mpg instead of the 42 diesel I was getting. Good news all round and really pleased with the new Aygo! Now I just need Ford to pull their finger out and get my Mustang built. The DS5 was that good I needed 2 cars to replace it.

DS5 - Farewell - SLO76
Stang and Aygo... good combination in my eyes. Just don't overpay for the big Ford though, supply is likely to outstrip demand in the long run, especially after the disastrous two star ncap result. Cars ordered after May are said to be an updated design with improved safety features so older cars will see residuals dented. www.euroncap.com/en/results/ford/mustang/26063

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