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I have previously commented that I am unhappy about the number of people who can access your details from your car registration. However today I saw a worrying post about ANPR and parking. Once some one has paid and there is no issue common sense dictates the data should be wiped shortly after. The suggestion was that not all parking companies were doing this and were selling the data on to typically marketing companies. I find this deeply disturbing especially if it contains more than your registration number or if your details are subsequently obtained/used. Also why should anyone be able to analyse where and when I park!

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Link to what you were reading?

DVLA will sell your data to anyone as long as they make money from it. Any talk of systems in place to ensure it is released correctly is complete hogwash. The data is sold and passed around at will.

Its a national scandal they do this as their £2.50 income from releasing data unlawfully can lead to a Court claim from a private parking company (who use ANPR, Councils aren't allowed to) against an individual for an unjustified hundreds of pounds, but it's £6-7m a year to DVLA bottom line and nothing else matters as far as they are concerned.

The only way to fight back if your data is used is to sue whoever used it. £250-750 is the going rate for unlawful use of personal data.

Its an area of motoring HJ always seems very reluctant to get involved in. Only he knows the reasons why this may be.

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What data exactly is being sold on?

Surely there's no commercial value in knowledge that X117XPM is at Aldi in Northampton, as permitted by posted signs, for y hours on x days in December.

If Aldi's car parking contractor is linking X117XPM to a registered keeper and selling on the link then I'm pretty sure the Information Commissioner would be on them like a ton of bricks.

The £2.50 fee barely covers DVLA's costs. It's not a profit centre.

HJ's not willing to get involved because there's no story.

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I think the op is suggesting that if a company does a dvla search on you, they then sell the search data returned to a third party (or two), which will include your name, address, dob and more. At the very least the third party may be trying to undercut the dvla, realistically it will be used for other nefarious things. Personal data is a tradeable asset in todays murky world.

Parking company just being greedy, and possibly indicates their criminal connections.

Probably illegal to do this, but there is no enforcement of data protection in the real world.

Job for an undercover reporter.

Any - Sale of ANPR Data - RaineMan

I can't find the link at the moment but saw the reference on , a site used by database professionals. 'Big data' is a buzz word these days and in the the discussion a number of participants mentioned the retention of unnecessary data. It has also been mentioned on another car website but the exact one escapes me at the moment.

As another poster has mentioned maybe a job for an investigative journalist!


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