Replace my astra van with cheap car under £500 - logger

I currently own a old Astra 1.7dti diesel van which has 225k miles. great little van and very reliable. I only do about 1000miles a year in it


1. because it a van I have to permits to take anything to the recycling yard

2. I keep having to pay van insurance which is double the cost of a cars insurance even though I am 50 ..all the comparisson sites must treat vans as business type vehicles

Is there any hatchback or maybe small estate that would have a big boot that I could run for 1000 miles year which just general maintenance and cost under £500.. not worried about the fuel costs


Replace my astra van with cheap car under £500 - RT

Astra estate (on which the van is based) - but at that price point condition is everything.

Work out just how much space you need and go from there.

Replace my astra van with cheap car under £500 - RobJP

Buying a car for £500 normally means buying something on it's last legs, or buying something that needs money spending on it.

So the £500 car becomes ANOTHER £500 car, and then ANOTHER £500 car.

Or the £500 car becomes a £500 car with £500/£800 of repairs.

I'd seriously suggest, unless insurance is very expensive, sticking with what you've got.

Replace my astra van with cheap car under £500 - SLO76
It is quite possible to buy and run a £500 car cheaply, especially with such a limited expectation mileage wise. We've been running a third refuse run, station/pub car park banger for years, always costing less than £1,000, run for 6mths to a year then sold in for what I paid or for a small profit. Yes there's maintenance costs but to date it's all been cheap wear and tear stuff and nothing too costly. Factor in zero or negative depreciation and a cheap banger can be highly cost effective.

Latest one was a 55 plate Mazda 3 I paid £400 for and recently sold for £650. I'd have confidence enough in that wee car to travel round Europe in it. Before it came a £300 Ford Cougar that again was fine if a little greedy and again sold for a profit. Ditto the Mitsubishi Carisma that came before that etc etc.

Trick is to buy a mechanically well maintained car and don't set yourself a fixed budget. If you see a good car at £1,200 that you'll be able to sell on again for the same sum after a year then it's cheaper than buying a car at £500 that's on its last legs that'll be in the bin.

Look for mass produced stuff with good parts availability, simple mechanics and aim for cars that have become or always were unfashionable as they're next to worthless. Vauxhall Astra G, Ford Focus Mk I, Mitsubishi Carisma, Mazda 3/6 and forget diesels! Petrol only at this price, keep it simple.

You also need a good cheap independent workshop and a separate but lenient Mot station. Always separate the two so there's nothing for them to to gain from failing your car unjustly.

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Replace my astra van with cheap car under £500 - Gibbo_Wirral

Peugeot 406 would be my recommendation, great workhorses and the fact there are so many old ones on the road still is testatment to their quality and reliability. It was a very popular taxi choice back in the day.

Replace my astra van with cheap car under £500 - Fishermans Bend

Avensis/Mondeo/Octavia/Focus. I'd suggest you're a bit flexible with your budget, if you can, perhaps be prepared to spend up to £1,000.

Replace my astra van with cheap car under £500 - khcomp

Just replied to your post in the classics section;

I bought a 2001 Suzuki Wagon R+ three years ago with 60,000 miles on it for £330 off Ebay - huge boot, cheap tax, very economical, and has been utterly reliable, costing £60 to MOT last year and £45 the year before. Tyres are all still as good as new (it's now done 78,000 miles), I've replaced one bulb and one rear wheel brake cylinder. It uses no oil or water and costs less than £100 a year fully comp. to insure. We use it to go shopping & take our dogs around, it's so good that my wife just won't part with it until it dies! Bodywork & interior are excellent, and it's quite civilised to drive..

Replace my astra van with cheap car under £500 - logger

Thanks for all the replies..I'll have a look at some of the suggestions


Replace my astra van with cheap car under £500 - Bromptonaut

Early model Citroen Berlingo Multispace or Pug Partner equivalent with a pre HDi diesel engine.

Replace my astra van with cheap car under £500 - logger

Well blow me...van just gone through MOT today with no issues at all !

Now I'll have to have another think...will I get punished in the April budget cos I am driving an old diesel ..rumours are diesel drivers with the older diesel cars are going to get stamped on very soon !

Replace my astra van with cheap car under £500 - Avant

You can afford to wait and see, as the van is already fully depreciated. I'm sure any changes won't have immediate effect as there are so many old diesele pout there.

Glad it got through!

Replace my astra van with cheap car under £500 - SLO76
It's next to worthless anyway so keep it smoking away til it explodes or fails the next Mot. You'll surely save very little on insurance by swapping for a car anyway (my VW Caddy was only £50 a year more than our Polo) so best stick with what you know especially when it's doing 50mpg.

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