Land Rover Discovery 2 - Seat covers - Metropolis.

Looking for some 'leather' seat covers to go on the cloth seats of my old Discovery. Have been browsing Amazon and come across these, link below.

Reviews are generally pretty good but I'd be interested to hear what you guys think. I'm only interested in comfort, softer the better. Any other suggestions welcome! Thanks

Land Rover Discovery 2 - Seat covers - gordonbennet

I like sheepskin covers, but generally they are going over leather, two reasons, warmth when cold cool when hot, and secondly to help prevent bolster wear.

I put a Walser (from Amazon) universal fitting sheepskin on the Landcruiser seat a few weeks ago, circa £40 which is cheap, better quality than i expected, is staying in place too.

Doubt it will wear as well as the perfect tailored one i had made for the Merc some 14 years ago by Easirider Northampton, thats still as good as new, but at well over £200 then and approaching £300 now for one, it should be good.

For comfort i don't think you will ever beat Sheepskin.

As an aside i prefer velour type seats, much nicer to be in than leather which whilst probably pleasing to European eyes and reasonably easy to clean, is cold to sit on in winter and soaks all the heat of the sun up ready to cook you in summer, just unfortunate the cars i have bought fr many years now used have all been leathered...if i had our leaders (or mods) :-) money i'd be rolling round in a Toyota Century reclining on plutocrat standard velour with lace curtains on all the rear windows, much prefer the Japanese idea of plush.

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Land Rover Discovery 2 - Seat covers - Metropolis.

Very interesting, i'll give these a look. Wasn't aware they were cool when the weather is hot. Thank goodness for aircon or i'd be in a mobile greenhouse.

I have browsed the grey import classifieds many times looking at those Japanese luxury barges. Some fascinating cars, would love to try the Century with a v12 in it. The older Mitsubishi Dignity and the Nissan President look interesting too. A mitsubishi saloon with a 4.5 v8! Not sure if velour is my kinda thing, the plush leather in the back of an old Lincoln Town Car seemed great to me!


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