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Car cleaning -- never use a sponge, dirt gets trapped incorrectly and can lead to minor scratches/swirling. Use a microfibre, noodle or lambswool mitt.

rinse car with hose or power-washer if possible and use a good shampoo, rinse and then use a good microfibre drying towel. then consider some spray on finishing wax to keep things simple to start with, buff with clean microfibre cloth. it can get a bit complex with different finishes and surfaces, just takes time to learn/adapt.

plenty of info on car owner forums and car cleaning sites like my favourite - www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/index.php
- J Baker
A friend has a VW Golf Plus 2012 reg with a 1.4 TSi ( 122) petrol engine ( manual,40 k miles) I would be interested in buying it , but have been put of by reports on line on concerning failed timing chains. Do you know if this is a problem with this type of engine, or only the more powerful 1.4 TSi versions.
J. B.

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