DRLs / parking lights - VW Up - hillman

Can anyone explain the DRL / parking light bulbs on the VW Up 2014 model ? The same tungsten bulb seems to be used as a daytime driving light and as a parking light. Does it have a double filmament or does it work at a lower voltage when used as a parking light ?

Are the bulbs easy to change ?

DRLs / parking lights - VW Up - skidpan

Probably a ballast (or modern equivalent) in the circiut so it gets a reduced voltage when you throw the light switch.

What you describe is the way many modern cars are set up, my Leon is identical (hardly surprising when both are VAG products).

DRLs / parking lights - VW Up - elekie&a/c doctor

Most VW models are fitted with H15 bulbs ,which are a 15/55 dual filament.Usually reduced voltage for parking lights.

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DRLs / parking lights - VW Up - hillman

I found a demonstration of changing the bulb in YouTube. It suggests that the bulb is a double filament W21/2W, which I think is a stop and tail light.


I must admit that when I change bulbs I'm so clumsy that I don't hold them with a cloth. I wash my hands thoroughly and try not to touch them too much.


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