Vauxhall Vectra (2002–2008)

Model History

June 2002

All-new Vaxhall Vectra launched

All-new Vectra, code name J3200, on SAAB/GM Epsilon platform with more chunky styling and 12 year body warranty arrived in 2002. 4,956mm long (15' 1") x 2,036mm (6' 8") wide (inc. mirrors). Estate shorter 4,822mm (15' 10") long

Particularly different styling for estate models. Bigger than first Vectra, with 60mm longer wheelbase and 50mm wider track. Massive front seat room for biggest and tallest of drivers. Luggage volume of 4-door is 550 litres.

Engines are chain-cam ECOTEC units developing 122bhp to 145bhp on petrol and 99bhp to 123bhp on diesel. Also a 3.2litre 208bhp V6. Most petrol engines complied with the Euro 4 emission limits from start.

All Vectra C models fitted with SAAB developed active head restraints on the front seats; full-size curtain airbags; three-point belts for all seats; Vauxhall’s patented pedal release system; electronically-controlled ABS with cornering brake control and brake assist. Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) is standard throughout.

Optional enhanced electronic stability programme called ESP Plus. Five-speed manual gearboxes and all-new five-speed automatic gearbox offering sequential gear changes. Torsional stiffness up 74 per cent on previous Vectra. All Vectra C models have a new 'IDS' chassis system featuring new multi-link rear axle, aluminium components for lower unsprung weight and electro-hydraulic power steering bringing significant improvements in ride and handling which were major bugbears of the previous Vectra.

£200 million invested in GM's Ellesmere Port production plant where most UK RHD Vectras are built under GM's 'flex' facility system. (The other Vectra plant is Russelsheim in Germany.)

Two petrol and two diesel engines available at launch, all four cylinder. 3.2 litre V6 followed.

1,796cc belt-driven twin-cam petrol developing 90kW (122ps) at 6,000rpm with 170Nm (125 lb ft) torque at 3,800rpm. 0-60 is quoted at 10.9 seconds, top speed 127mph, Euro combined mpg 36.7 and CO2 emissions 184g/km (£140pa VED). This engine meets Euro 4 emissions limits.

2,198cc chain-driven twin-cam petrol developing 108kW (147ps) at 5,600rpm with 203Nm (150 lb ft) torque at 4,000 rpm. 0-60 of the manual is quoted at 9.9 seconds, top speed 135mph, Euro combined mpg 32.8 and CO2 emissions 206g/km (£155pa VED). This engine meets Euro 4 emissions limits. (Automatic 0-60 10.5 seconds, top speed 131mph, Euro combined mpg 30.1 and CO2 emissions 226g/km (£155pa VED).)

1,994cc chain-driven twin-cam diesel developing 74kW (100ps) at 4,000rpm with 230Nm (170 lb ft) torque at 1,500 rpm. 0-60 is quoted at 12.7 seconds, top speed 120mph, Euro combined mpg 47.9 and CO2 emissions 159g/km (£130pa VED). This engine meets Euro 3 emissions limits.

2,171cc chain-driven twin-cam diesel developing 92kW (125ps) at 4,000rpm with 280Nm (207 lb ft) torque at 1,500 rpm. 0-60 of the manual is quoted at 10.5 seconds, top speed 129mph, Euro combined mpg 43.5 and CO2 emissions 176g/km (£150pa VED). This engine meets Euro 3 emissions limits. (Automatic 0-60 11.5 seconds, top speed 126mph, Euro combined mpg 38.2 and CO2 emissions 200g/km (£160pa VED).)

Brief details of the V6 are:- 3,175cc, 208bhp, 300Nm torque, 0-60 in 7.5 seconds, top speed 154mph. CO2 emissions: 243g/km (manual); 257g/km (automatic).

April 2003

V6 diesel added

176bhp 3.0 litre V6 diesel with 258 lb ft torque at 1,800rpm, top speed 135mph, 0-60 8.5 seconds, combined consumption 40mpg and CO2 197g/km.

CO2 emissions, prices and insurance goups are:-

  • 1.8 petrol C02 = 184g/km
  • LS £14,645; SXi £15,490; Elegance £16,145; SRi £16,545; Elite £18,850. IG 1.8LS: 7E; 1.8SXi, Elegance, SRi: 8E; Elite: 9E.
  • 2.2 petrol CO2 = 206g/km (automatic: 226g/km)
  • LS £15,145; SXi £15,490; Elegance £16,645; SRi £17,045; Elite £19,350. IG 2.2LS, 2.2SXi, 2.2 Elegance, 2.2 SRi, 2.2 Elite: 10E
  • 3.2 petrol V6 CO2 = (TBA)
  • Elite £20,950; GSi £20,980 IG (both models): 14E
  • 2.0DTi diesel CO2 = 159g/km
  • LS £15,545; SXi £16,390; Elegance £17,045; Elite £19,750
  • IG 2.0DTi LS, 2.0DTi SXi: 7E; 2.0 DTi Elegance: 8E; 2.0 DTi Elite: 9E
  • 2.2DTi diesel CO2 = 176g/km (automatic: £200g/km)
  • LS £16,095; SXi £16,940; Elegance £17,595; SRi £17,995; Elite £20,300. IG 2.2 DTi LS, 2.2 DTi SXi; 2.2 DTi SRi, 2.2 DTi Elegance: 8E; 2.2 DTi Elite: 9E
  • Achieved an excellent four star rating for crash safety in 2002 NCAP tests.

August 2003

Turbo engine added

New SAAB developed 2.0 litre chain-cam turbo with 175bhp and 265Nm torque from Summer 2003. 0-60 8.1 seconds; 31.7mpg combines and 214g/km CO2.

September 2003

Estate car added to range in autumn 2003

Offers cargo volume up to 1,850 litres. Engine range includes 155bhp 2.2 litre chain cam direct injected petrol engine, 175bhp 2.0 litre chain cam turbo, 177bhp 3.0 V6 CDTi diesel and 211bhp 3.2V6 petrol. Length 4,820mm; width 1,790mm; height 1,500mm. Estate options include power tailgate and fully retractable towhook.

March 2004

New 1.9 litre diesel engines launched

  • 1.9CDTI 120PS, 280Nm torque, 0-60 10.5, top speed 124, 49.4 mpg combined, 154g/km CO2.
  • 1.9CDTI 150PS, 315Nm torque, 0-60 8.8, top speed 134, 48.6 mpg, 157g/km CO2.

January 2005

Tweaks to the Vectra range

Improvements for 2005 include 'Life' model which replaced LS. 6 speed autobox available with 150bhp 1.9CDTI at prices from £18,055. SRi Navigation comes with satnav for £500 more than standard SRI. 150bhp 6 speed manual very quick and satisfying to drive.

October 2005

Vectra range extensively facelifted

Major facelift for 2005/2006 on sale from October 2005, priced from £14,750. 255PS VXR replaces GSi. New 230PS 2.8 V6 turbo petrol engine replaces 3.2 V6.

VXR with 255PS version of this engine capable of 161mph and 0-60 in 6.6 seconds, on sale November 2005 at £23,995 for hatchback and £24,995 for estate.

February 2006

New 1.8-litre version added

From February 2006 same new 140bhp 1.8 as first seen in Zafira. 0-60 9.9 seconds, top speed 131mph, 39.2mpg combined. Emissions drop from 173g/km so now in 21% BIK band. 90 percent of 175Nm maximum torque between 2200 and 6200rpm.

January 2007

VXR model gains more power

2007 model year versions of the Vectra VXR had power boosted from 255PS to 280PS, thanks to a redesigned induction system, modified engine components and retuned electronic engine control software. 0-60mphdown to 6.1 seconds for the hatchback and 6.3 seconds for the estate. Chassis also tweaked to give more dynamic handling.

Modified spring and shock absorber settings and correspondingly retuned IDSPlus2 chassis control software is said to optimise the pitch, roll and turn-in characteristics to make the most of the increased performance without ruining the Vectra VXR’s impressive refinement. The difference between the normal chassis setting and the Sport setting, which is activated by the dashboard-mounted Sport Switch, has been further increased. This engine sounds wonderful and the car is quite a good performance package

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