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Renault Twingo (2007–2012)

Last updated 27 February 2018

Kerb weight 925–1049 kg
Warranty 3 years
Servicing 12,500–18,000 miles

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Driving it, the gears are all very short, including top at just 20mph per 1,000rpm. So it's a bit raucous.

The short wheelbase means it's very darty and feels like you're driving on a racetack on an ordinary road, even though you're not going very fast. This will help testosterone teenagers impress their mates and their girlfriends without wiping out everyone in the car.

There's going to be a much quicker RenaultSport version with about 140bhp and I guess they'll do a sort of junior race series for them.

That might be the car's saviour. Get enough clever marketing behind a race series and the Twingo could acquire the kind of street cred that Vauxhall Corsas used to enjoy. Start a club. Run rallies and events. Maybe a spot of stunt driving. Grab the attention of the 18-30 crowd. You know when you've been Twingoed.

In trying to gauge the Twingo's appeal I gave rides to people at both ends of the age range. The 65 year old playboy liked the twinkling lights of the dashboard and digital speedo at night. The 17 year old girl, heavily into teenage fashion, just immediately liked it.

So, while it isn't a FIAT 500, it could have more appeal than I thought.

Remember that couple of Scottish birds in the Thelma and Louise commercials for the Peugeot 106? They made the 106 into a kind of icon and sold a lot of them.

We've got the MINI. We've got the FIAT 500. Maybe there is a market for an anti-retro different little car.

One that with those siding rear seats can seat four very comfortably indeed.



Engine MPG 0-62 Top speed CO2
1.2 50–55 mpg 12.3–15.0 s 96–105 mph 119–130 g/km
Gordini 100 50 mpg 9.8 s 117 mph 132 g/km
Gordini 133 42 mpg 8.7 s 125 mph 155 g/km
List Price from £10,755
Buy new from £8,084
Contract hire from £148.39 per month

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