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Peugeot iOn (2011–)

Last updated 8 March 2018

Fun to drive small electric town car. Has a 90-mile range. Fuel cost for 10,000 miles a mere £208.
£415 a month four year all-inclusive lease is expensive. Huge cost of replacement batteries effectively writes the cars off.
Updated 8 March 2018

Report of total battery failure of 2013 Citroen C-Zero. PSA quotes 22,610 Euros + tax for the full battery pack.

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Instead of selling its version of the Mitsubishi i-MIEV, Peugeot is offering it on a £415pm 4 year all inclusive lease only.  This sounds dear until you add the cost of the fuel: just £210 for £10,000 miles compared to around£1,700 for a conventional car doing 30mpg.

Peugeot iON 2010 Road Test

Contract hire from £345.34 per month

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