MINI Convertible (2009–2015)

Model History

March 2009

New MINI Convertible on sale worldwide

Slightly lighter and narrower than previous convertible. Slightly more boot space. Now has pop-up rather than fixed rear roll bars. Cooper has more compliant suspension. 211PS JCW very quick. Very stiff structure with virtually no scuttle shake. A/c and 6-speed box standard. 6-speed AW auto optional, with paddleshifters on Cooper S.

MINI Cooper Convertible £15,995

MINI Cooper S R57 Convertible £18,995

MINI Cooper S R57 John Cooper Works Convertible £23,470

1.6 Cooper Convertible 6-speed manual: 0-60 9.5 seconds; top speed 123mph; combined 49.6mpg; CO2 emissions 137g/km (VED Band E 2009/10 £120; 2010/11 £110); BIK 15%; EU4; Insurance Group 9E

1.6 Cooper Convertible 6-speed 6-speed auto: 0-60 10.6 seconds; top speed 120mph; combined mpg 42.8*; CO2 emissions 159g/km* (VED Band G 2009/10 £150; 2010/11 £155); EU4; Insurance Group 9E

1.6 Cooper S Convertible Turbo 6-speed manual: 0-60 7.2 seconds; top speed 138mph; combined mpg 44.1; CO2 emissions 153g/km (VED Band G 2009/10 £150; 2010/11 £155); BIK 18%; EU4; Insurance Group 16E

1.6 Cooper S Convertible Turbo 6-speed auto: 0-60 7.5 seconds; top speed 135mph; combined mpg 40.9*; CO2 emissions 168g/km* (VED Band H 2009/10 £175; 2010/11 £180); EU4; Insurance Group 16E

1.6 Cooper S JCW Convertible 6-speed manual: 0-60 6.7 seconds; top speed 146mph; combined mpg 39.8; CO2 emissions 169g/km (VED Band E 2009/10 £175; 2010/11 £180); EU4; Insurance Group 18E

*Figures for the hatchback. Convertible may be slightly over.

January 2010

Improvements from March 2010

A new and improved version of the MINI petrol engine is now fitted to all First, One, Cooper and Cooper S models in the Hatch, Convertible and Clubman ranges. The MINI First and One models are now fitted with a 1.6 litre engine, replacing the 1.4, and VALVETRONIC valve operation that delivers more torque and better fuel consumption. All MINI petrol-engined models will conform to European EU5 emissions standards or ULEV 11 in the USA.

VALVETRONIC variable valve timing delivers a five per cent improvement on its own while an on- demand, map-controlled oil pump achieves a further 2.5 per cent fuel saving. An improved, low friction engine vacuum pump accounts for another one per cent and a map-regulated water pump working on a pulsed cycle (rather than simply on or off) saves 1.2 per cent fuel.

Reduced friction from polished camshaft and main bearings, improved heat management and the specific features above combine to contribute more efficient use of energy by the new MINI range.

The fuel consumption improvements have been made despite the fact that the testing procedures under EU5 reduce certified gains.


The new engine enables MINI One to increase both power (by three per cent to 98hp) and torque (by nine per cent to 153 Nm at 3,000 rpm). The efficiencies achieved through this new technology also deliver consumption of 52.3 mpg on the combined cycle while emissions fall to127g/km. On the road the true spirit of MINI is revealed with top speed rising to 116mph and zero to 62 mph acceleration taking just 10.5 seconds, a 0.4 second improvement.

MINI One Convertible

The MINI One Convertible shares the new 1.6 litre VALVETRONIC engine of its Hatch and Clubman cousins, and produces the same 98hp and 153 Nm of torque all for a sub-£15,000 price tag. The new model accelerates from 0-62mph in 11.3 seconds and goes on to a top speed of 112mph. Despite this it brings fuel efficiency and CO² emissions to a new level in the convertible market, recording 49.6 mpg (combined cycle) and 133 g/km respectively.

The open top four-seater features a fabric roof that opens and closes electro-hydraulically at the touch of a button up to 20 mph. Designed as a Convertible from the outset, MINI Convertible offers a torsionally-stiff body that allows it to capitalise on cutting edge chassis technology to release that special MINI go-kart feeling. Naturally the MINI One Convertible has a high standard equipment list including air-conditioning and is equipped with all the sophisticated active safety features of the Cooper and S including EPS electromechanical steering, DSC stability control, four airbags and the rear rollover bar behind the rear seats that pops up automatically in the event of a rollover incident.

MINI One Convertible can, like all MINIs, be specified with a wide range of options to personalise it to an owner’s taste. These include a wide range of exterior paint colours, interior design choices, hood colours and the ‘Openometer’. This MINI Convertible-specific option records the amount of time spent with the roof down. It is, after all, the principal purpose of owning a soft-top MINI

The on-the-road price for MINI One Convertible is £14,995.

2010 MINI Cooper Convertible Top speed: 124 mph, 0-62 mph: 9.8 seconds, Fuel consumption (combined cycle): 49.6 mpg, CO² emissions: 133 g/km

2010 MINI Cooper S Convertible: Convertible Top speed:141 mph, 0-62 mph: 7.3 seconds, Fuel consumption (combined cycle): 47.1 mpg, CO² emissions: 139 g/km

All Cooper S models are equipped as standard with a six speed manual gearbox or, optionally, a six speed automatic gearbox with shift paddles on the steering wheel. Manual Cooper S models will be fitted with a new self-adjusting clutch with carbon coated linings that reduces service costs and maintains consistent pedal feel but also improves gear synchronisation.

MINI R56, R57 and Clubman Wheel and Tyre Sizes:

Wheels: 15 " 5-Star Spooler alloy wheels with 175/65 R15 Tyres

Wheels: 15 " Rotator Spoke alloy wheels with 175/65 R15 Tyres

Wheels: 16 " 5-Star Blaster alloy wheels with 195/55 R16 Tyres

Wheels: 16 " Bridge Spoke light wheels with 195/55 R16 Tyres

Wheels: 17 " Crown Spoke light wheels with 205/45 R17 Tyres

Wheels: 17 " Flame Spoke light wheels with R17 205/45 Tyres

Wheels: 17 " Web Spoke two-piece alloy wheels with 205/45 R17 Tyres

June 2010

First MINI Convertible powered by a diesel engine available

1.6 litre, chain-cam diesel engines replace the previous PSA 1.6 diesels engines and for the first time in MINI history a diesel engine will appear under the bonnet of an open MINI when the MINI Cooper D Convertible joins the range in August. Using the same 112hp engine as the Hatch, the Convertible accelerates to 62mph in just 10.3 seconds and can reach a top speed of 121mph. Despite this performance potential, the MINI Cooper D Convertible sips diesel fuel at a parsimonious 70 mpg and emits just 105g/km of CO², the lowest emitting and most economical ‘full’ convertible vehicle on the UK market today.

Like the Convertible models, the fresh visual cues apply to the Clubman models as well. Similar record efficiency values apply to the diesel-engined Clubman range that includes the all new MINI One D Clubman for the first time. Both display comparable performance to the Hatch as well as similar miserly fuel consumption and low emissions. The Clubman is also equipped with a new retractable cargo cover in the luggage compartment.

Full performance data is contained below:

Power (hp) Torque (Nm) 0-62 mph
Top speed
Cons. Mpg
(g CO 2 /km)
MINI ONE D Hatch 90 215 11.4 115 74.3 99
MINI Cooper D Hatch 112 270 9.7 123 74.3 99
MINI One D Clubman 90 215 11.8 114 72.4 103
MINI Cooper D Clubman 112 270 10.2 123 72.4 103
MINI Cooper D Convertible 112 270 10.3 121 70.6 105

All existing MINI models – Hatch, Clubman and Convertible – benefit from design refreshments to both exterior and interior. At the front, a new bumper with a lower air intake serves not only to update MINI’s face but also to improve pedestrian protection courtesy of larger deformation zones. New style fog lamps adorn either side of the air intake which on MINI One and Cooper features a black cross bar to emphasize the car’s low, wide stance. On the Cooper S two purposeful air intakes feed the brake discs and enhance the sporting intent of this model.

The round MINI headlights display new light elements, with optional Xenon lamps featuring Adaptive headlights (bendy lights) as an option. A new side indicator has a distinctive design of concentric circles and sits in the redesigned side gill housings.

At the rear, a new bumper the tail and brake lights are now LEDs while the brake lights use dynamic intensity lighting that varies according to the deceleration force applied. Pulsating light affords following drivers an opportunity to gauge the urgency of the braking manoeuvre. The LED design also gives a distinctive light design at night. Integrated reversing and rear fog lamps are also new and are housed in the rear bumper.

Along with five new dynamic paint colours and five new alloy wheel designs the new MINI models are subtlely different, yet immediately distinctive.

The interior of all MINI models has undergone a significant makeover too. The centre console, the steering wheel and the air conditioning and audio controls have all been modified to enhance the elegance and premium quality of the MINI range. They also serve to add functionality and improved ergonomics for MINI owners. Apart from the practical benefits of the new interiors, the ambience is further enhanced by new materials and colour lines. In total there are six new upholstery choices, three new fascia options and two new interior colour lines for door and side panels.

All radio systems in the refreshed MINI range are equipped with a CD player and AUX-in connection that supports MP3 players and features DAB radio standard across the MINI range with the exception of the MINI First model. The optional MINI Radio Visual Boost and MINI Navigation system use a 6.5” high resolution widescreen colour monitor in the centre of the dashboard and the redesigned navigation system now incorporates an much improved map display layout. The Centre console, meanwhile, houses Bluetooth hands-free phone preparation including a USB interface. These interacting technologies permit audio streaming from appropriate mobile devices and the display of album covers and innovative office functions. Apple iPod compatible videos can also be stored on the board monitor.

MINI Connected (optional) now offers owners of an Apple iPhone a range of functionality including web radio, which allows you to listen to any radio station in the world that has a web address, Google Local Search and Google Send to Car. The system can also receive RSS news feeds (such as Reuters, BBC, Channel 4, Yahoo , Google and many more) and uses a range of MINI services. Users can even call up Facebook and Twitter messages or play videos on the central display as well as send standard text messages. With the voice control option messages can be readout on a text-to-speech function.

February 2011

MINI Cooper SD announced

The two litre four cylinder power unit follows the design philosophy of the familiar 1.6 litre engine but produces 143hp at 4,000 rpm, almost 28 per cent more than the Cooper D and nearly 60 per cent above that of the One D. Unsurprisingly its power, allied to a mighty torque figure of 305 Nm (225 lb-ft) from 1,750 to 2,700 rpm, the highest torque value of any MINI engine, even the engines within the John Cooper Works family, endows the Cooper SD with vivid performance: in the case of the Hatch a top speed of 134mph and a 0-62mph acceleration time of 8.1 seconds.

The new diesel engine features an all-aluminium crankcase to keep weight down while a special and very powerful turbocharger with variable intake geometry is controlled by the engine management system to deliver mighty thrust at all engine speeds. However, this new engine does not sacrifice efficiency on the altar of performance. The common-rail direct injection system features solenoid valve injectors in the centre of the cylinder head that inject each precise dose of fuel at a pressure of up to 1,600 bar. But this parsimonious technology is only the beginning because all five MINI Cooper SD models are equipped with the full panoply of MINIMALISM technology to eke ever more miles from every precious litre of diesel.

The MINIMALISM features include Brake Energy Generation, Auto Start/Stop, Shift Point Display, Electric Power Steering and demand-based ancillaries such as the alternator. The result is nothing short of miraculous. While the MINI Cooper SD Hatch will whizz effortlessly up the Col de Turini above Monte Carlo, it sips fuel at the rate of 65.7 mpg on the EU cycle and emits a mere 114 grams of CO2. This secures a zero VED rate and a company car benefit tax rate of 13% including the 3% diesel surcharge.

SD Model

Top Speed

0-62 mph


(mpg combined)


OTR Price


134 mph

8.1 secs

65.7 mpg

114 grams



134 mph

8.6 secs

64.2 mpg

115 grams



130 mph

8.7 secs

62.8 mpg

118 grams



123 mph

9.3 secs

61.4 mpg

122 grams


Countryman ALL4

121 mph

9.4 secs

57.6 mpg

130 grams


All Cooper SD models are equipped as standard with a new super light six speed manual gearbox. The 22.8 kilo transmission is the lightest gearbox of its kind and offers well-matched ratios and a precise, short shift gear lever action. A six speed automatic transmission is available as an option and includes shift paddles on the steering wheel for auto drivers with a sporty inclination.

The new diesel engine features the same torque steer management software which was added to the petrol portfolio in September last year.

Complementing the performance potential of the MINI Cooper SD models some distinctive design features adorn the new cars. Echoing the distinctive style of the MINI Cooper S all SD models display a front apron with an extra large air intake and the familiar air scoop on the bonnet. At the rear each SD model sports twin exhaust tailpipes exiting in the centre of the rear apron and an eye-catching roof spoiler. Also in traditional Cooper S style, the side indicator surrounds carry the SD motif.

The John Cooper Works models have long offered the pinnacle of MINI performance and excitement for sport-oriented drivers. From April 2011 a Sports Pack, closely aligned to the JCW models is available for all models of the MINI Hatch and Convertible to enhance exterior and interior individual style and offer more dynamic driving responses.

Each Sport Pack is equipped with a special aerodynamic package that includes a unique front and rear apron with black detailing, horizontal slats on the fog lamp surrounds and a honeycomb mesh over the main air intake. The rear apron also features prominent sculpting at the outer edges while sweeping, curved side skirts continue the sporting theme.

Stepping inside the Sport Pack MINI occupants are greeted by John Cooper Works door entry strips, while the driver grips a tactile JCW black sports leather steering wheel with contrasting red stitching. Manual gearbox examples continue the red theme with a red shift pattern on the gear knob and matching red stitching on the leather gear lever and handbrake gaiter. Cloth-leather sports seats, a Sport Button, Piano Black Interior trim, white indicators and bonnet stripes are also included.

The Sport Pack comes with Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) and Electronic Differential Lock Control (ELDC) to complement the standard Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system. DTC allows more wheel slip before the electronics intervene to allow the driver more control at the touch of a button when pulling away on slippery surfaces and extending greater control for those who require a more sporting driving experience in corners. EDLC also enhances the sporting driving experience by braking a spinning wheel in tighter corners, thereby enhancing traction and increasing cornering speed.

The final flourish of this Sport Pack is provided by the lightweight 17 inch John Cooper Works Cross Spoke alloy wheels. The Pack is available in eight body colours.

Additionally, there are now some attractive John Cooper Works Accessory retrofit additions available exclusively for MINI Cooper S in Hatch, Clubman and Convertible form. These include performance-enhanced engine management and a specially-designed air filter system to maximise the twin-scroll turbo engine output at 200hp (from 184hp) and 250 Nm of torque, with 270Nm using Overboost. The kit also includes a sports exhaust silencer that delivers a more rorty engine note, and the option of 18 inch Cross Spoke Red Stripe alloy wheels.

MINI Sport Pack Pricing:

MINI One/One D Hatch £2995

MINI Cooper/Cooper D Hatch £3245

MINI Cooper S/Cooper SD Hatch £ 2260

MINI One/ Convertible £2785

MINI Cooper/Cooper D Convertible £2995

MINI Cooper S/Cooper SD Convertible£2150

The new 2 litre engine and optional automatic gearbox will be fitted to the Cooper D models from March 2011, although power and torque outputs will remain at former values.

February 2012

Third in a trio of special editions for spring 2012 - the all-new MINI Highgate, a new version of the drop-top Convertible. As with all special edition MINIs, this four-seater offers a raft of unique exterior and interior features. Providing a fresh interpretation of MINI's premium appeal and style, the Highgate is designed to take the fun and excitement of 'wind-in-the-hair' motoring to the next level.

The car is finished in an all-new metallic 'Iced Chocolate' body colour, which works perfectly with the tailored 'Silvertouched Truffle' fabric roof. The distinctive look is enhanced by truffle bonnet stripes with blue edging. Midnight Black metallic or White Silver metallic paintwork can be specified as an option. The door mirror caps are always finished in the same shade as the exterior.

Also unique to the MINI Highgate are 17-inch 'Double Cross Turned' light-alloy wheels in a subtle aluminium colour. The design team took its inspiration for the spokes from the Union Jack flag. Inside, the 'Dark Truffle' Lounge Leather seats feature blue piping and contrasting stitching. MINI's popular Chili Pack; filled with added extras like automatic air conditioning, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, multi-function steering wheel, multicoloured interior lights, is standard on the Highgate special edition. Sun-touched Brushed Alloy detailing on the dashboard and the Chrome Line Interior and Exterior packages are also included.

Exclusive 'Highgate' lettering on the side indicator surrounds, door sills and seat tags marks the car out from the crowd. As with every MINI, customers can enhance the appeal of their car further using the extensive options list of comfort, convenience, design and technology features.

The MINI Highgate is available with four engine options; the MINI Cooper (90 kW/122hp), MINI Cooper S (135 kW/184 hp), MINI Cooper D (82 kW/112 hp) and MINI Cooper SD (105 kW/143 hp). All are linked to a six-speed manual gearbox as standard, with a six-speed automatic available as an option.

MINI Cooper Highgate Convertible, £21,300

MINI Cooper Highgate Convertible Auto, £22,435

MINI Cooper D Highgate Convertible, £22,375

MINI Cooper D Highgate Convertible Auto, £23,575

MINI Cooper S Highgate Convertible, £24,080

MINI Cooper S Highgate Convertible Auto, £25,275

MINI Cooper SD Highgate Convertible, £24,775

What does a MINI Convertible (2009 – 2015) cost?

List Price from £20,590
Buy new from £16,746
Contract hire from £268.61 per month