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KIA Sorento (2003–2009)

Last updated 10 January 2019

Has the hardware and ability for serious off-roading. Easy-going, pleasant drive. Useful tow car. Owners like them. Excellent value.
Doesn't handle as well as a RAV-4 or X-Trail.
Updated 8 June 2017

Another report of fuel tank delamination in a first generation Sorento.

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"Friendly" is a good word to describe the Kia Sorento. It's like a big (surprisingly BIG) huggy bear of a car. Women drivers in particular will love its muscular, protective hunkiness coupled with its gentle nature. At parking speeds, the speed-sensitive power steering is finger-light, and the four-speed autobox makes it a doddle to drive. Even the five-speed manual has an easy, positive gearchange and a light clutch.

KIA Sorento 2.5 2003 Road Test

Owners' reviews

Utterly reliable
good for the price but has some inherent faults
List Price from £29,600
Buy new from £24,132
Contract hire from £291.24 per month

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