KIA Optima (2012–2016)

What's good

A full sized spare wheel under the load area floor is standard.

What to watch out for

Satnav does not take UK 7 digit postcodes. (The UK is the only country in the world with 7 digit codes.)

8-8-2014: Problem with clutches of manual Hyundai i40s built in 2014 that may or may not also affect KIA Optimas which share the same drivetrain. Symptoms are a poor gearchange and difficulty getting the car into gear. Hyundai dealer admitted a "design problem" with the clutch, but replacements are on long back order.

7-9-2016: Report of gear selection problems with 30 month old Optima at 22,000 miles. Dealer suggeasts it needs a new clutch but KIA clurch warranty is 2 years. Wants £900 to replace the clutch.

23-6-2018: Report of glass sunroof being broken on KIA Optima. Insurance claim. But long wait of more than 6 weeks for a replacement glass roof.

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