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Hyundai i20 (2009 – 2015) At A Glance

Easy to drive and refined. Very well built. Five-year warranty as standard. Neat and tidy styling. Decent room in the back seat. Good economy from entry-level 1.2-litre.

Lacks character. Base models feel a little sparse and cheap inside. Seats lack long-distance comfort.

Insurance Groups are between 4–12
On average it achieves 82% of the official MPG figure

The Hyundai i20 is the replacement for the dated Getz and it's a huge improvement in both quality and design. So much so in fact, the Hyundai i20 is a genuine rival to more established small hatchbacks like the Toyota Yaris and Vauxhall Corsa.

It majors on value for money with competitive prices and generous standard equipment levels. The i20 also comes with a five-year warranty as standard, backing up the feeling it has of a very well built and durable car. But this hasn't been at the expense of comfort or interior quality.

Inside it's neatly laid out with a comfortable cabin, intuitive controls and a classy steering wheel design. True, some of the cheaper models can feel a little sparse inside (with rather less appealing plastics used) but they still share the same robust feel. Refinement is impressive too and on the move there's little engine or road noise, so motorway cruising is pleasantly stress free.

Thanks to neat steering and well set-up suspension, the Hyundai i20 is good to drive, striking an impressive balance between handling and ride comfort. This is backed up by a small but strong choice of engines, with one CRDI diesel and two petrols available.

It's actually the entry-level 1.2-litre petrol that is the best choice. It's urgent and revs freely, making it ideal for nipping in and out of city streets plus it's more than happy at motorway speeds. Best of all, it is capable of 54.3mpg and works well with the positive five-speed gearbox.

Hyundai i20 1.2 Comfort 2009 Road Test and Video

Looking for a Hyundai i20 (2009 - 2015)?
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Real MPG average for a Hyundai i20 (2009 – 2015)

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32–80 mpg

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How easy is it to retrofit electric wing mirrors?
I have a 14-plate Hyundai i20 and would like to know if I can install electric mirrors instead of the manual ones. There is a space on the door for the wires.
It's possible, but you would require a considerable level technical knowledge to do this. A Haynes manual might assist with the wiring diagram, you will also need the wiring loom, plastic covers and controllers. Might be best to speak to an independent Hyundai specialist. You should be able to find one with our Good Garage Guide:
Answered by Dan Powell
Is it worth spending more to get a manufacturer approved-used car?
My Hyundai i20 was written off recently. My insurer has offered me £3695 to find a replacement. I found one on the AA used car website from for that price, but it's not AA-approved. Can I buy it with confidence? It comes with 12 months MoT, three months warranty and free breakdown cover. a Hyundai-approved car is £4150, so I would have to put my own money in. I don't want to, but is it wiser to do that? Both dealers are far away from me so if something went wrong I couldn't easily take it back. Can I hold out for more money from insurer? They say they've done their research and I can get a car for £3695.
You found a car for £3695. An insurance settlement does not buy you a car with a dealer warranty because that would be 'betterment'. You'll probably have less argument buying from the Hyundai dealer, so might be worth the extra £450. A dealer is automatically liable for any major fault that could have pre-existed the sale of the car for six months from the sale of the car.
Answered by Honest John
Why is my fuel economy 7mpg less in winter?
Why is my fuel economy 7mpg less in winter? Since the weather has got colder, my fuel economy has got a lot worse. From an average of 43mpg in summer, I’m now only getting 36mpg. Apparently it shouldn’t drop by more than 3mpg, at most, because of the cold. Is that correct? The temperature gauge slowly rises to just under half way, stays there and never wavers. The heater does get quite hot, but never that hot. It has been suggested that this big drop and poor mpg could be caused by a faulty thermostat. Would the diagnostic computer not have spotted this? Do you think this could be the problem? It’s going to cost me £170 for the garage to replace, which I don’t want to pay if I don’t have to.
Depends how far you regularly drive the car and therefore how much of your motoring is on enriched mixture and how much is on normal mixture. If you are regularly driving 20-mile journeys then fuel economy should not be more than 2-3mpg worse in winter. But if most of your runs are short, then it could easily be 7mpg worse.
Answered by Honest John
Why is the broken clutch on my i20 not covered by Hyundai's warranty?
I have no knowledge regarding vehicle mechanics. However, I have been driving for over 30 years and have never had to replace a clutch before around 70,000 + miles. I have had my Hyundai i20 from new (2014) and done less than 18,000 miles. I noticed a problem a few weeks ago where I felt as if I was in the wrong gear (e.g. third felt like second). It was intermittent, but when it became frequent I booked it into the Hyundai garage for the following week. The problem got worse over the weekend and whilst I was on the way to the garage on Monday (nine mile journey from work) I smelt burning - this had not happened previously. I was first advised by the garage that the clutch needs replacing (not covered by warranty) and later received a phone call advising me that the input shaft also needs replacing (covered by warranty). I have asked whether the clutch damage could have been caused by the problem with the input shaft and should therefore be covered by the warranty. I have been advised that the clutch is showing that it is worn and therefore they do not consider it consequential damage, so I have to pay for a new clutch. Are you able to comment on this?
This is quite common on i20 and, as a concession, Hyundai and Kia warrant clutches for two years, which is 18 months longer than any other manufacturer. But for the past two years it's usually put down to wear and tear. If you are saying you are suspicious that an oil leak via the input shaft seal might have caused the problem, then you need to be there when the transmission is removed to see for yourself. That would be a warranty issue.
Answered by Honest John

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