Ford Focus ST (2012–2015)

What's good

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Comfortable and practical interior.

Great hot hatch performance.

25-11-2017: Apparently if an owner loses the code to his remote key (for instance by not putting the replacement batteries in fast enough), it can be re-coded as follows: 1. Insert the key in the ignition. 2. Cycle the key from position 0 to II and then back to 0 four times within six seconds. 3. Leave the key in position 0 and press any button on the remote control within 10 seconds. You will receive confirmation via a chime or LED that programming has been successful. Note: Further remote controls may be programmed at this stage. 4. Press any button on each additional remote control within 10 seconds of each other."

What to watch out for

Not the most attractive Focus ST ever built.

Reports of build quality issues, with rattling interior panels and lose trim fittings.

Problems right from the start with electronic torque steer compensator and ESP.

11-8-2014: Some Ford Focus ST seem to have a wiring fault (both in the UK and in the USA) and this leads to serious stalling issues. Reader bought a used 2013 Focus ST with 8k miles in April 2014. By May 2014 the car began to stall approaching roundabouts, showing engine warning light, "service now" and “hill start assist not available” messages and very irregular idling, at first intermittently, then getting worse and becoming diabolical. Dealer unable to replicate error code whilst on diagnostics, so investigated under Ford Technical Ref. FU14G020988, but dealer said Ford would not authorise repair work unless the error code showed. After first visit, they said it needed a week’s work, involving removal of dashboard and more. Car also suffers loss of power on overtake, economy has dropped from 32-34mpg to 26-28mpg. 3 'ST gauges' for turbo, oil temp and oil pressure also ceased working. gives a DIY cure from the USA which involves fixing a fault with part of the wiring loom that passes under the 'symposer' tube and claims to replicate the Ford technical fix. That is described in detail here: wiring fix

22-8-2014: Another report of the same fault as above, this in a September 2013 Focus ST from February 2014.

3-9-2014: Full TSB dealer fix for Focus ST wiring problem that causes stalling. Dealer fixes with replacement wiring splices, SP963 and SP959 with both crimping and soldering. Fault code is P26DE-00-2F-PCM. Ford requests dealer to clear code. Road test. Clear code. Update PCM. And only after 3rd capture of above fault code would Ford advise to undertake above splices. No dashboard removal needed.

14-9-2014: Complaint that 10k mile 2 year old Focus ST bought from a Ford dealer was using a litre of oil every 1,000 miles. We'd suspect turbo oil seals from the engine having been switched straight off after some hot laps.

19-9-2014: Another report of stalling problem with 2000 mile Focus ST bought in October 2013, but dealer unaware of the TSB. This was eventually fixed with a replacement wiring loom, but Ford does not appear to have made dealers aware of the problem and only authorises repairs if a fault code shows, which doesn't always happen with this.

18-12-2017: Report of misfire in engine of 2014 Ford Focus ST at 28k miles, 5 months out of Ford warranty. Car had been serviced regularly by Ford Dealership, but now at "independent Ford garage". No error codes were recorded. On further inspection it was found that one of the pistons had suffered material loss. Only one cylinder is affected and the garage is rebuilding the engine. Questionmark over whether Ford will contribute.

17-3-2018: Report of uneven engine running of 2013 Ford Focus ST at 20,900 miles. Ford dealer traced the problem to the engine wiring harness - the problem for which the car was recalled in the USA. The harness was repaired, at a cost to me of £200, as there was no UK recall code. In February 2018, the car began displaying muptiple problems: parastic battery drain, alarm randomly going off, and the power button failing to swithc off the engine. Dealer has now told owner the car needs a new engine wiring harness, and body control module. The cost, including labour, will be £2,260. (See Docus ST wiring harness problems above.)

21-3-2019: Report of intermittent prtoblem with 2013 Ford Focus ST-2. Most of the time it starts and runs OK, but occasionally on starting it runs very badly, running very lumpy, there is a also a warning light that comes up saying 'Service Due'. If owner switches engine off and on again, the problem always disappears, but an amber warning light stays on for a few days afterwards. This happens most often on a first start in the morning, but not always, and is more likely to happen if driven hard the day before. 'Service Due' is often because of an oil contamination problem. If the oil is black, it's burned and a service is significantly overdue. Unfortunately, the 1.6 Ecoboost can also have cylinder head problems, so it's worth getting the engine thoroughly checked. If "driven hard" then another possibility is that the engine has been switched off when the turbo was red hot. This carbonises the oil in the oil feed and oil return pipes to the turbo restricting the flow of oil to the bearing. These pipes probably need replacing and you need to idle the engine for a minute or two before switching off after ragging the car, after a long ascent or after constant speed on a motorway.


Ford Recalls by VIN: Ford Recalls

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