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Ford Focus Coupe-Cabriolet (2006–2011)

Last updated 9 June 2015

Good looks. Huge boot with the roof up and still quite roomy when it's lowered. Solid to drive and a comfortable cruiser.
Rear legroom is a bit tight. 2.0 petrol engine not lively. Had a leak problem at screen top seal, but seemed to be fixed by 2011.
Updated 9 June 2015

Roof of 2009 Ford Focus CC would open but only closed halfway. Local Ford dealer identified the need for a new pump with an eye watering price tag of £3,500 which is about half the value of the...

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A bit colour sensitive. It's a matter of "does my bum look big in this colour." It doesn't in Acqua Blue. But it can do in ‘Iris' or ‘Luna'. And, like the 207CC, tan leather suits its Italian styling very nicely.

It's listed cheaper than the Astra Twintop and Eos. And though Ford only expects to sell 6,000 in a full year, it will have built in a margin that allows for discounting. There's also a launch offer of free dual climate control and leather on CC-3 versions, so it's off to a good start.

Ford Focus CC 2007 Road Test


Owners' reviews

Comfy cruiser
If you get a good one it is an excellent 2+2 Convertible.
List Price from £18,540
Buy new from £13,994
Contract hire from £177.25 per month

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