Why aren't people encouraged more to switch to winter tyres?

Despite having specialist winter tyres fitted for the last few winters, the recent cold snap has been the first real test of them in proper winter conditions. I can't speak highly enough of them (Nokian - but I'm sure others are just as good). They've got me up steep slopes when I've seen cars struggling to get out of tiny inclines on junctions and offered excellent handing and braking on snow-covered roads.

After seeing footage of cars and vans sliding around and struggling to get up (or not) what look like gentle slopes, shouldn't there be some form of campaign to promote their virtues and how much money could be saved in the economy if people were made or encouraged more to switch to winter rubber?

Asked on 2 March 2018 by freddieflintoff

Answered by Honest John
Nokian tyres are developed in the Arctic Circle. If anyone knows how to make cold weather tyres, Nokian does. But for the UK, that rarely gets snow like we have now, an all-weather tyre such as Michelin Cross Climate or Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons or, indeed, Nokian Weatherproof, is the most practical solution.
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