My car is burning a lot of oil - do oil additives actually work to fix this issue?

My 2005 Ford (petrol engine) has started burning quite a lot of oil and I can't find an external oil leak. The car has done 100,000 miles and has been serviced regularly. I'm not keen on embarking on expensive diagnostic work or engine rebuilds. I have seen oil leak additives which soften the engine seals, but they have very mixed reviews. Would you recommend giving an oil additive a go or is it a waste of money?

Asked on 31 January 2018 by Pete

Answered by Honest John
The oil thickening additive could also damage the engine. The engine is probably using oil because the valve stem oils seals have failed. It's either them or the piston rings. A compression test will tell. If it's the valve stem seals they can usually be replaced in situ for about £250.
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