What used car for £10000 would you recommend?

I am trying to decide about which used car to buy for about £9000-£10000. After reading about Ford Focus, Seat Leon, Golf, Audi A3 and Hyundai i30 I am inclined towards the I30 as it seems to be a reliable and economical car which also comes with lots of useful kit for the money.

Ideally I would want to buy the automatic 2015 -2016 diesel version but I do not know much about cars or if I would be better off getting a manual or a petrol instead.

I drive up to 10000 miles per year, I do at least 10 miles per day, but some years I have to make a 1500 miles journey home.

Can you kindly give me some advice if the i30 is a good car?

Asked on 26 December 2017 by Dragos Carlan

Answered by Honest John
Okay. Now replaced by a new, more attractive body-shape. If buying a diesel, make sure it's EU6. The autos are now DCTs, which are dual clutch autos like DSGs and not as good as the 6-speed manuals. Will have balance of 5 year warranty remaining, but the almost identical KIA cee'd will have balance of 7 year warranty remaining.
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