Ford Fiesta ST clutch failure

I bought a new Ford Fiesta ST in March ago. Last week the car was losing power. I called the AA and was told that the clutch was slipping. The car was taken back to the supplying dealer, but they say I am liable for the repairs due to the fault being down to wear and tear.

The cost to repair the car is £499. The dealer also says the car needs a new fly wheel at a cost of £350. Does this sound right to you? Is it a common problem?

Asked on 21 September 2016 by John McCarthy

Answered by Honest John
Ford has had a problem with the concentric clutch slave cylinders on Fiesta and Focus models. These have been leaking onto the clutch creating slip that leaves the clutch in the condition it would be in if the driver had been slipping the clutch. I was on BBC TV 'Don't Get Done, Get Dom' about this in May 2015.

Try to make sure that if they replace the clutch slave cylinder the original is returned to you. I'd threaten Small Claims against the supplying dealer on the grounds that this has been a common problem with the model of car and that it's ridiculous to blame you for the failure after less than six months and just 7,400 miles: See:
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