Dual mass flywheel failure on Ford Focus

The clutch on my Ford Focus was changed 12 months ago. The car has the 1.6 TDCI diesel engine. Last week there was a loud rattle and vibration from the engine and I have been told it is a flywheel problem. I explained that they changed my clutch last year and he said then the flywheel was more than likely changed too, so should be covered under parts warranty.

They are now claiming that having looked back on records that the flywheel was left alone when changing the clutch last year so i am now being stuck for €750 costs. Does this sound right? Is the DMF normally changed with the clutch?

Asked on 24 August 2016 by Peter

Answered by Honest John
A DMF is £400-£500 parts alone. A clutch is about £75-£100 for the parts. That's why it is not routinely changed when a clutch is changed. The whole job is usually around £1000, and Ford dealers charge up to £1600. On a Focus, the concentric clutch slave cylinder also needs to be changed.
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