Which used estate is best?

I am looking to buy an estate up to three years old and up to 30k mileage. I have up to £16,000 to spend. At the moment the car would be used for mostly short journeys in stop start traffic - I do about 8k mileage a year. However, due to a change of job location coming up next year, my annual mileage will be going up to about 25k. I am considering the latest estate models of the Octavia, Cee'd, Golf and Leon.

Which of those four estates do you consider to have the best combination of safety, driving enjoyment and reliability?

Asked on 10 August 2016 by Olly Farrow

Answered by Honest John
You'll probably get 45mpg + out of a Peugeot 308 1.2 PureTech 130 estate and with 230Nm torque you won't be hanging about. Golf, Octavia and Leon has exactly the same EA288 1.6 TDI engine that so far seems to be over all the problems of the EA189 but is still belt cam leaving you with a £500-£600 maintenance job every 4 years or every 60k miles. The Kia 1.6 CRDI is a bit less economical but is chain cam, saving that £600 maintenance bill, and carries a 7 year warranty.
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