Has my Peugeot 308 got a timing chain problem?

A few days ago a message "Depollution system faulty" appeared on the dashboard screen of my Peugeot 308. The "engine block" warning symbol was also on.

As a precaution my local garage did a code check and say it is a fault with the timing chain, which now needs replacing otherwise the engine will stop and may cause damage. I know this is a costly repair, but is it really linked to the timing chain? Why didn't the warning message say "Timing chain fault", or similar?

Asked on 23 December 2014 by Dave J2

Answered by Honest John
There has been timing chain trouble with this engine in Peugeots, Citroens and MINIs, while also Volkswagen and BMW 4-cylinder engines have been suffering timing chain trouble due to faults in the production of the chains. So bad that Volkswagen switched back to belts. So yes, it's a known problem that can be mitigated to some extend by changing the engine oil more frequently, but once the chain starts to go the timing is affected and that is the reason for the warning lights.
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