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I have suffered two fuel sending unit failures with my 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe. On each occasion the vehicle had driven without problem. The first time it was parked overnight, and then failed to fire the second occasion it had driven 180 miles of motorway driving, stopped for 10 hours then failed to start.

The first time the garage reckoned it was blocked fuel filter, which took three days to find (no fault codes in diagnostics). The second time the garage found metal swarf in fuel, which is now being sent off for testing. Vehicle only has 34,000 miles on the clock.

My neighbour down the road has the same problem and ultimately found that fuel sending unit had self-destructed filling fuel system with metal swarf and blocking fuel to engine. Is this a common problem with this make and model of car?

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Added to the car by car entry: Previous reports of failing low pressure fuel pumps on 2006-2009 Santa Fes, and of blocked fuel filters because of emulsified globules in the diesel itself. If you and your neighbour both fuel up at the same fuel station then the problem might be there and water in the fuel or otherwise lack of lubricity could be causing the problem with the low pressure pumps.
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