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I need to replace my Peugeot 306 with another car for short trips and occasional longer journeys - petrol or diesel?

I have owned diesel Peugeots (309/306) for around 25 years and found them brilliant, doing 18-20,000 miles a year. Having now retired, my mileage is down to about 6000 a year, most of which are 20-30 mile round trips. My existing X-reg 306 2-litre HDi estate is perfect for holidays for me and the wife, luggage, and our border collie for size and economy, but apart from two or three trips to Scotland each year (a 600-mile round trip) it tends to do short trips.

It has started to throw up a few niggly faults recently and although I can do some of my own jobs (servicing, brakes etc) it has become a bit of a chew to do them. So I am considering a change to a newer estate of about the same size, but in light of the above and your frequent comments in the Telegraph of problems with particulate filters I wonder if perhaps a petrol engine would now be more suitable. I am looking to spend no more than around £15,000 and wondered if you could offer me any advice on what to consider.

Asked on 11 June 2010 by gavpug

Answered by Honest John
Diesel is unsuitable for such a low mileage because of the advent of various devices on diesel engines to clean up their nitrous oxide emissions. Any diesel with a diesel particulate filter will be a problem. Think in terms of a small capacity petrol turbo. They heat up faster and are almost as fuel efficient as a diesel, without diesel problems. PSA's 1.6THP 150 is utterly brilliant. 44mpg in a Citroen DS3, and great to drive as well.
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