Do we really need a car?

I am now 82 and my wife is 78. We are still both capable drivers. We recently moved into a city environment, well served with shops and free public transport. Earlier this year we got rid of our car after 30 years of owning one because I found myself being more and more concerned about the car not being used. Withdrawal symptoms made us buy another one later. But circumstances have not changed, nor have my concerns. It seems that the lure of having days out in the car and occasional need to use it for carrying things is more imaginary than real. It is not a matter of motoring costs or a need for visiting family, so we would be grateful for any comment or advice.

Asked on 14 September 2013 by GD, Hull

Answered by Honest John
Assess your needs. If you never travel distances in your car it may be that an electric car suits them better than anything else: My mother 89 and my father 88 both still drive, and my mother remains an excellent driver. Age itself is no reason to give up.
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