Would you recommend the Citroen C3 Desire for easy access?

I need a car that will help make it easier for my 83-year old mother to get in and out of and I have limited budget. Could you comment on a 2006 Citroen C3.1.4 Desire for £1500?

Asked on 24 August 2013 by NP. Via email

Answered by Honest John
Fairly upright, but not top of the class for reliability. Road test: www.honestjohn.co.uk/road-tests/citroen/citroen-c3.../ Car by car entry: www.honestjohn.co.uk/carbycar/citroen/c3-2002/

The best car for that sort of money is a 1.0 litre Toyota Yaris. That's upright, too. It's what my 89-year-old mother drives and her 2001 model has been faultless.
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Clever design for the boot floor. Four-star crash test rating. Good balance of ride comfort and roadholding.
More room and better handling than the previous version. Excellent crash test rating. 1.4 D-4D does 50mpg +.

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