Are there any drawbacks to buying the discontinued Suzuki SX4 at discount?

My wife and I own Suzukis, a Splash and an SX4. It appears that a new SX4 is in the offing and that the current version is available VAT-free, presumably to clear old stock. Could you briefly explain the pros and cons of buying a discontinued line?

Asked on 24 August 2013 by JH, Ponteland

Answered by Honest John
“VAT free” is an obfuscation. You get a discount equivalent to VAT not being applied, which works out at 16.67 per cent including VAT. But now that the old model SX4 is being replaced by both a new SX4 and the bigger SX4 S-Cross, that's all the car is worth. Its depreciation will be from the reduced price, not the original list price. That said, it's quite a good car, particularly the 1.6 petrol. So buy it on its merits compared to other cars, and aim to keep it for a long time.
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