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Flywheel and clutch failure on Volkswagen Golf - is this a common problem?

I own a 2009 Volkswagen Golf Plus 1.9 TDI Bluemotion and have noticed an unusual noise coming from under the bonnet. After some investigation by my local dealer, I was told that the flywheel and clutch were causing the problem and both parts needed to be replaced at considerable cost.

As a long-standing customer I did manage to negotiate a discount, but would be grateful for your opinion as to whether this is a problem particular to Golf cars or something to do with the type of engine that is used today.

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It is a standard problem with dual mass flywheels that are fitted to cut vibration and reduce the torque on 1st and 2nd gear. Some last 40,000 miles; some last 200,000 miles. Depends on the DMF and on the driver.

It's one of the list of reasons why I warn people off diesels. With DMFvfailures, DPF failures, blocked EGRs, failed turbos and timing belt replacements, the total repair bill between years three and six can easily be £5000.
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