Ford C-Max electric parking brake problem

Three weeks ago I went over a speed bump and the battery warning light came on and a warning 'Limited EPB' appeared on the console. I took the car, a 2004 Ford C-MAX to the main Ford dealer who replaced the battery at a cost of approx £80. The car was fine for four days.

On the fifth day I started the car and again the battery warning light came on but this time the message read 'Failure of the EPB' and I could not release the handbrake at all. The garage collected the car and found 'The module had failed.'

They replaced the module but were unable to configure it. A day later they traced a broken communication wire under the o/s/r seat which they repaired and then configured the new brake module.

The total cost for this work was £855.72 - does this sound about right? When I collected the car I asked if it had been necessary to replace the whole unit or whether it had been a broken wire all along and was told that by releasing the handbrake manually it would mean a new unit would automatically be needed - is this correct?

Asked on 31 March 2013 by C.B

Answered by Alan Ross
Well our understanding is that to release the electric handbrake you just need to pull a emergency lever in the centre console.

If they did that they should have then carried out a diagnostic check which would show up what the fault/problem is - i.e. the EPB of something else - no power/ broken circuit etc.

If the emergency lever had been used and then the broken wire found, then we do not believe that a new EPB unit would be required.

Would suggest that you go back to them and ask for a print out of the diagnostic check carried out (before renewing the EPB) which showed the fault/s.

If they say no diagnostic check carried out then ask them how they established that it (EPB) was faulty.

Have a feeling that they changed the EPB first and then when it did not work looked further into the problem and found the broken wire. Ask to speak to the customer service manager in the first instance.
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