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CD autchanger jammed

Wifey has a Mazda 6, she loves it to bits. So do I - it's a comfy drive, and we have (until now) no complaints. She uses the 6 changer CD ALL the time. In the last month or so it stopped ejecting. There are 6 cds in it that won't come out.

We contacted the dealer

(Co Op) they said, hmmmm it's a common fault (ok I thought - easy to fix) yes we can do it, it will be £1000, for the WHOLE unit, radio AND CD, oh and there will be labour on top.

One thousand pounds for a CD player, who are you kidding? If I had £1000 to spend on a car HIFI I would NOT want to fix this.

Really, this is astounding that such an excellent car should be stuffed by such a simple thing. How can a garage / manufaturer justify £1000 + to replace (not repair) a CD / radio?

She is due a new car later this year, early next, and we can guarantee it will NOT Be a MAZDA, we will look VERY carefully at maintenance.

This is not a good state of affairs, how this highway robbery can be justified is beyond me.

When I was a lad, you could replace a radio yourself, you did not have to give the garage a whole day so they could pull the complete dashboard out so they could replace the radio.

I am stunned, does anyone else have any thoughts or suggestions?

When she gets a new car (whatever that may be) she's letting me have the Mazda, so if anyone has any info on how I can get it apart (to get her 6 cds back I'll only have to buy them all again for her xmas!) I would be most grateful!

Asked on 2 October 2012 by RBP

Answered by Honest John
Get it to a cart audio specialist. Sometimes you can unjam a CD player by poking an unwound paperclip into a little hole in the front that releases the jammed CD mechanically.
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