Why did a Volvo salesman say that a software upgrade would reduce DPF problems with the V50 R-Design?

I have been approached by a local Volvo dealer who is aware that I am in the market for a new car and of my concerns regarding the DPF. They have a special offer at present: V50 R-Design D2 (1.6) with a host of extras at a discount on list of 20 per cent. I reminded them of the DPF issue and the salesman said, and I quote, "there has been a software upgrade which ensures that cleaning of the DPF will be done at lower engine revs so there will be no problems." I then contacted Volvo itself, who advised,

“This vehicle will still need to meet the required setting to allow the system to regenerate the system as per the handbook, if the vehicle does not meet these requirements the system can block up over a period of time. The new software is designed to allow the system to work better but the customer will still need to meet the driving requirements so will still need some long runs to regenerate the filter.”

I have also been made aware of a service (www.ecuflash.co.uk) that offers the removal of the DPF and an upgrade to the software controlling the ECU. It is claimed that this removal increases power output and delivers more mpg but CO2 emissions remain the same. It must surely follow that there will be more sooty particles emitted and that such an alteration will be construed to be a modification that must be declared to an insurer.

Asked on 10 February 2011 by GR, via email

Answered by Honest John
Well there we go, then. Something of a reversal of what the salesman was trying to lift your leg with. And very useful to me to have this sort of frequently denied information in writing.

Your suspicion is correct about removal of DPFs. If this is done it will very seriously affect the car's emissions on start up and if not illegal now, may become illegal under a future EC Directive. That's on top of being a 'modification' for insurance purposes.
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