Engine problems - what should my questions be?

I bought a new VW Tiguan in August 2010. last month the car engine light and EPC light went on an the car just had no revs. VW dealer came to pick up the car. it has been in the workshop now for a month in which period they replaces two pistons (they say due to software updates not done tinmeously), after which it still misfired. two weeks later they got approval to replace the engine. Another two weeks later they now say the oil presuure on the new engine is too low.

I do not know what my concerns/questions to them should be. The car is still in workshop.

Asked on 29 December 2011 by Concerned Vehicle owner

Answered by Honest John
Is this a 1.4TSI? If so, there seems to be a fairly common problem with the induction system of the turbocharged and supercharged versions of this engine. I've had reports from all over the world, including Portugal and Australia. Seems to be worst in hotter climates. No explanation as to why the oil pressure of a brand new replacement engine should be too low, but the answer to that is to replace it again.
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