I asked my dealer to supply smaller wheels for my Kia and they refused on safety grounds, is this correct?

In 2022 you advised that it would be possible to replace my low-profile wheels with smaller wheels and thicker tyres. When I asked Kia, they refused to sell me new wheels as they said that this wouldn’t be safe. They said that it would interfere with the brakes and affect the speedometer. Were they having me on or is this true? I live in the NW Highlands of Scotland and often get forced off the road by campervans on the single-track roads, so would like better tyres.

Asked on 21 April 2024 by

Answered by David Ross
If you choose a wheel that was available as original equipment on your vehicle then there should be no issue with the brakes, and although fitting smaller wheels will have a fractional effect on the speedometer, this would be partially offset by the increased height of the tyre, and would cause your speedometer to indicate a higher speed rather than a lower speed, which is the better outcome in terms of legality. You may need to try a different dealer or source the wheels from a parts specialist to avoid this issue.
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