What's the best used EV for around £12,000?

As a family we have an Audi Q4 (my wife’s work car) and a Land Rover Discovery Sport (now 6 years old). I would love to be completely EV, but the 3+ long trips to the Alps we do each year with skis, bikes etc plus the need for an occasional 7 seater and something to cross the odd field means the Discovery stays. My work mileage has gone up recently and in daily running around I’m doing 400 miles a week. So I’m done my sums and come to the conclusion it’s better to buy a used EV for my daily drive. On a budget of £12-13k, what is the best buy - VW e-Golf, Nissan Leaf or BMW i3? Most driving is on rural A and B roads with some city driving.

Asked on 18 October 2023 by

Answered by Andrew Brady
A used electric car is ideal for someone with your requirements. A Nissan Leaf would be the sensible choice - there are lots available, while the 40kWh battery provides an official range of 168 miles. They're a bit bland, though, and the interior of the Volkswagen e-Golf is leagues ahead. We ran an e-Golf for six months and really rated it - it's essentially a seventh-generation Golf (one of the best family cars of its era), with improved refinement and lower running costs: www.honestjohn.co.uk/long-term-tests/volkswagen-e-.../

All that said, my money would go on the BMW i3. The i3 has a huge amount of character and a really cool cabin. They command a premium on the used market, though, so you'll be looking at an older one for the money. Avoid range-extender models as they're more likely to go wrong.

And if you want to broaden your search further... the Hyundai Ioniq Electric is worth a look, too. It's very comfortable and represents excellent value for money on the used market.
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