I think my car has been given a fraudulent MoT - what should I do?

I bought a used Smart Fortwo in February. I had intended to place the car into storage for a few weeks around 30 miles away. During the drive, I noticed a pretty horrendous metal grinding noise coming from the rear brakes.

I investigated the MoT history, and found that they had originally attempted to MoT the vehicle on the 13th, and it had failed. Rear brake performance being one of the reasons for failure. A second MoT was conducted two days later just prior to me picking the car up and it passed with no advisories.

I took the car for a second opinion at a reputable local MoT testing station who performed a brake check. The car is in a dangerous condition and the all round brake performance isn't fit for an MoT. It appears that none of the remedial work has been carried out.

The two MoTs were conducted at the same testing station by two seperate testers. A check on companies house shows that the two companies involved are connected to one another.

Obviously, I plan to reject the car but I also want to make sure that the relevant authorities are notified of this potential fraud. Whom should I contact? I'd appreciate any help and advice you could provide.

Asked on 31 March 2023 by Matthew Swann

Answered by David Ross
There are a few options here. We think rejecting the car is the right thing to do, but also we would suggest reporting the testing station to Trading Standards, as it would appear that the car should not have been passed in its current state.

You also have the option to pursue personal legal proceedings against the MoT testing station, or you could report them to the police, but we would suggest starting with Trading Standards. You can read more about how to proceed with these options on the gov.uk website.
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