Should I replace my diesel SUV with a petrol hybrid?

I need to replace my diesel Ford Kuga with something newer and cheaper to run. I commute 23 miles each day and I can fit an EV wall box at home if required. I presume a new petrol hybrid SUV is the answer but I am confused about plug-in and self-charging models. Do plug-in hybrids 'seld-charge'? Which model would you suggest I buy?

Asked on 20 January 2023 by John Penny

Answered by Andrew Brady
It sounds like a plug-in hybrid could work for you. Plug-in hybrids do 'self-charge' in the same way as a conventional hybrid does - using the petrol engine and capturing energy when slowing down. The difference is PHEVs have a much bigger battery so it'd take a long time to charge it using the engine (and doing so obviously isn't very efficient) - you need to plug them in regularly to get the best from them.

The biggest issue with PHEVs is they're usually expensive to buy. They often make more sense for company car drivers who enjoy significant tax advantages compared to conventional petrol or diesel cars. Have you dismissed a pure-electric model entirely? It sounds like it could be less of a compromise for your needs and will travel significantly further under electric power than a PHEV. A Skoda Enyaq iV sounds like it could be a good option.
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