My tyres are perishing at 12,000 miles. Do you have any advice about seeking compensation?

Four years ago, I purchased four Pirelli Scorpion Verde Tyres for my SUV. As an advertised premium brand with a lifetime warranty, I was willing to pay the relatively high cost. Unfortunately, after only 12,000 miles, all the tyres are perishing on the edge of the tread where the tread joins the sidewall. The tread of all tyres is still 5mm. I contacted Pirelli, who said that I would have to purchase new tyres and return the old tyres to them for their examination. Following their assessment, I may or may not receive some financial contribution. Having spoken to the tyre centre that supplied the tyres, they made it plain that the chances of success were almost zero. Another centre that was a Pirelli Performance Centre also indicated much the same when I rang them. So the bottom line is that I would have to buy another four Pirelli tyres, which I'm reluctant to do because of my experience with my current Pirelli tyres, to stand any chance of getting some money back. So much for a lifetime guarantee. Surely it makes sense to buy a cheaper brand of all-season tyre if they are going to need replacing sooner than later due to perishing? Any ideas or recommendations would be gratefully received.

Asked on 29 July 2021 by Will Scarlett

Answered by Dan Powell
If the car is left outside for long periods then UV light and high/cold temperatures will perish the tyres and cause cracking over time. I would suggest buying a good quality car cover or storing the car in a garage. I'm not sure there are any tyres for sale that would not perish over this time if the car is used for less than 60 miles a week and left standing in the elements.
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