My windscreen wipers judder over streaks on the glass. How do I fix the issue?

I bought a BMW Z4 in June as a demonstrator. It was first registered in March and has done 1500 miles. There's a problem with the windscreen wipers juddering and, in heavy rain, they judder so much that they can't clear the screen. I found traces of black rubbery streaks on the glass. What is the best way of cleaning the screen? BMW doesn't seem to be interested in the problem.

Asked on 29 July 2021 by Pete D.

Answered by Dan Powell
This is very shoddy customer service from the BMW dealer. If I had spent the best part of £40,000 on a sports car then I would expect them to investigate. It reads like the windscreen wipers have become warped - this is common on cars that have been left outside in the hot weather for a long period of time with the wiper blade becoming curved and skipping over the glass. The wiper blades will need to be removed and twisted back into shape or replaced.

If the dealer refuses to take this issue seriously, make a complaint to the service manager. Juddering wiper blades are a minor issue, but present serious safety challenges if they are not working as they should. The BMW dealer should really address this.
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