Our new car keeps getting delayed. What can we do?

In February, we purchased a new Range Rover Evoque from a dealer and outlined that we needed a car by June 18th as our current company car would be going back and this new order was our personal replacement. We agreed to a deal for delivery and signed. The car arrived (so we were told) in April and it was not what we ordered. On their inspections, it was missing the upgrades we paid for and the model was the lower spec, so we declined the car as it’s not what we ordered. We spoke to the dealer and they agreed to rebuild for June/July as there was one on the line that they could work on. We agreed, but on the grounds that a loan car was made available to us if they could not meet our needs as of 18th June. We also asked if any suitable alternatives were available in stock now to renegotiate a deal and they said no.

Three weeks ago we were told the car was delayed till July but a loan would be available for us. However, each time they would call us about the loan car despite us asking for it in writing. Yesterday, we got a phone call to say our car is delayed again with no set delivery time frame due to ongoing issues in the industry. They said we can have a loan car now but Land Rover want us to pay the full monthly car lease agreement price that we agreed for our new car for the loan car. At no point has anyone said we would have to pay for this as I see it as their mistake. Do we have any rights?

In addition to this, as I use my car for work, I need business insurance in my name for expenses and legal purposes. I’ve said the loan car's insurance policy must cover this but as it won’t be in my name I’m going to lose £200 expenses each month whilst we are waiting. In 18 days I'll have no car and can’t exactly go and buy one now.

Asked on 3 June 2021 by Carren

Answered by Andrew Brady
Delivery dates frequently get pushed back and it's a particular issue at the moment – with Covid, Brexit and a global semiconductor shortage, there are a lot of new cars currently being delayed. Unfortunately, there's not a great deal you can do – particularly as you haven't got everything in writing (it's almost like they deliberately phoned you rather than emailed...).

We'd recommend speaking directly to Land Rover customer services. They'll be in a better position to explain why the car's been delayed and offering a gesture of goodwill to put things right. If you do wish to cancel, check the terms and conditions of the contract you signed when you placed the order. You'll probably find that there isn't a set delivery date in there for this reason – but if there is, and it's now been delayed beyond that, you'll be in a good position to get a refund. If you can get out of the deal, you might find that there's a car in stock elsewhere that meets your requirements. There's a lot of demand for cars at the moment, though, so don't rely on this.
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