I want to update my car's navigation but the dealer is too expensive. What do you suggest?

I have a 2014 Jaguar XF. I'm looking to update the navigation system. The Jaguar garage is too expensive. Would appreciate your help. Thank you.

Asked on 19 April 2021 by vrajlal shankerbhai limbachia

Answered by Georgia Petrie
The Jaguar website will charge you around £169 for the update. There are other websites around that may promise the same service for a far lower cost, however, I would take great caution downloading anything from any site that isn't known to you. Having seen a few of these sat nav update software sites in my time, a lot of them are scams that want to harvest your data. If you don't want to pay for the update from Jaguar, my advice would be to buy a used satnav online or to download a navigation app like Waze (which is free and excellent) — presuming that you have a smartphone.
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