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I bought a second-hand Mondeo TDCi reg 04 in December 2007 from a local main dealer with 46,000 mile on the clock. I bought a two-year guarantee with it just in case. Since then it has been serviced regularly by that dealership and had a seized brake calliper replaced under warranty. Now, after covering 75,000 miles and failing to start on a few occasions recently, it has been diagnosed as a faulty dual mass flywheel, clutch and master cylinder and starter motor problems. I have looked on the web and found that this model may be more prone to this fault than normal, but the garage (or rather the warranty company) is refusing to cover the cost of repair (£1,200 or so) even though the warranty has some months to go. They claim, “It is fair wear and tear”. My question is: what use is the guarantee that the garages offer when they can make that claim to stop payment? The car is being repaired at my expense. I wonder if I should go to the small claims track to try to get something back. They are even refusing to pay for the starter – a direct result of the failure of the flywheel.

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Answered by Honest John
Vexed question. Clutches are not normally covered because they are wearing items and could, actually, be destroyed in 15 minutes with a bit of determination. DMFs are designed to take some torque reaction out of the transmission and extend its life, the thinking being no DMF, then the transmission won’t last as long. I have never heard of anyone successfully suing for the cost of a replacement DMF and clutch on a 5-year-old 75k mile car. Gradually, now, the function of DMFs is being achieved by ECU mapping that damps the accelerator on upchanges from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd.
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