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Will driving at high speeds (155mph) lead to expensive repair bills in the long run?

Hello, my husband and I drive to Austria 2-3 times a year. In Germany, where permitted, my husband drives at 155mph. He claims the car, a BMW 440i, has been designed to do this all day long. I think the car will be damaged and lead to expensive repair bills. I would love to be wrong and would welcome your expert advice.

Asked on 1 March 2021 by Leon Aidor

Answered by Andrew Brady
The 155mph top speed is actually a limiter fitted to the car. It's because of a gentleman's agreement between the big German carmakers – they've agreed not to sell cars capable of exceeding 155mph (although you can often pay more to remove this limiter). So, actually, your BMW 440i is probably capable of going faster than 155mph, and sitting at the limiter for a prolonged period shouldn't cause any damage. BMW tests its cars extensively at high speed so, provided you service the car regularly and keep on top of maintenance, there's no reason why driving at 155mph will lead to expensive repair bills. That's unless a lorry pulls out ahead of you, of course...
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