Didn't realise I put petrol in my diesel car until it started stuttering. Is it badly damaged?

I've just put petrol into my diesel car. I didn't realise and drove it for about three mins. I only realised when it started stuttering. The car would have had about 15 miles of diesel left in the tank before putting £20 worth of unleaded in. What are the chances that my car is now damaged?

Asked on 26 May 2020 by Scott Smith

Answered by Dan Powell
Impossible to say without seeing the car in the metal. However, given the reported stuttering, I'd be very concerned that the petrol has caused friction and then damage within the fuel lines, pump(s) and/or injectors. The car will need to be inspected by a mechanic and the fuel systems drained and flushed. At best, it'll be a couple of hundred pounds. At worst, a few thousand. Do not drive it, under any circumstances.
Tags: misfuelling
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