My convertible roof has jammed while open. Can I manually close it?

The convertible roof of my Jaguar XKR (2001) seems to have jammed open. Thankfully, the weather is staying dry at the moment (not that I can drive it anyway due to lockdown). Any ideas how to fix it? The manual isn't that helpful. Should I wait for a garage to reopen or is there anything I can do?

Asked on 6 May 2020 by Alison Carey

Answered by Keith Moody
There is a manual procedure to close the roof - check either in your handbook, with your club, or have a look online. Once you've got the roof close, check the fluid level in the system. Chances are the fluid is leaking or overdue a change, which has resulted in it turning into a sort of weird jelly-like consistency and then not being able to close the roof.
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