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Is it safe to buy a car from an auction?

Is it safe to buy a car at auction?

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Yes, it's safe to buy at auction, but it's important to understand that you don't get the same protection at auction as you do when buying from a dealer or trader. For example, you are protected in terms of title to the vehicle (i.e. it's not stolen or on finance), but there is no mechanical assurance or warranty. You can’t test drive it prior to purchase or simply take it back if you discover a mechanical fault after the sale.

If you’re new to auctions, I'd recommend doing a couple of practice runs. Try to attend a couple of sales before you buy to help familiarise yourself with the process. Remember, the auctioneer is there to help you, as well as perform the sale. Take some time to ask the auctioneer some questions (before or after the sale) to get a full understanding of how the process works.
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