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Which cars have a large and easy to read speedo?

I have decided to upgrade from my 2005 Avensis to a 2017 Toyota Auris. The new car was fine but the speedo is too small for me to see easily. It is much smaller and buried away in a tube compared to my current model. I am tall and a bit long sighted so quite away from the dial. It seems to be a fashion to have these smaller dials surrounded by a lot of empty space and as it goes up to 160mph trying to read the kilometer dial is almost impossible to see clearly. What cars still have a sensible sized speedo?

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You're not the first to complain about the unclear speedo on the Auris. You could place your phone in a holder and use an app to display the speed. Alternatively, we'd look for a Honda Civic. It has a much clearer speedo than the Auris and is a far better car in many other areas, too.
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Sharper looking than original Auris. Good quality feel to the interior. Popular hybrid version offers low CO2, 60mpg, low maintenance and phenomenal reliability. Well built.
Bigger than previous Civic. Independent rear suspension means better ride and handling. New 1.0 VTEC turbo petrol is excellent while i-DTEC diesel is very refined.

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