We paid for a reconditioned engine and now the turbo has failed - where do we stand?

I went to a specialist garage that charged us close to £4600 for a reconditioned engine replacement job for my Mitsubishi Outlander. With this we also received a three month/3000 mile warranty. There is now a whining sound every time I accelerate. The mechanic at the specialist garage confirms that its the turbo. I asked if the turbo would be covered in the warranty and he said no it wouldn't. He also said that there may have been a possibility that when the piston damaged the engine block it could have affected the turbo.

The mechanic is now saying including labour to install a new turbo it will cost around £1000. Is this right? Should I even be thinking about paying for this?

Asked on 14 August 2018 by Leon

Answered by Honest John
They didn't replace the turbo when they rebuilt the engine and your bill did not include a replacement turbo. But there may be a simple reason for the turbo whine. The turbo bearing has an oil feed and oil return pipe. Any blockage in those (usually carbon from switching off when the engine is too hot) will reduce the oil supply to the turbo bearing, as would failing to re-install the pipes correctly. So, first thing, have fresh turbo bearing oil feed and oil return pipes fitted. If that doesn't solve the problem and you need a new turbo, you needed the new oil pipes anyway.
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