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I have seen various postings regarding door locks on older 406's( particularly after a spell of cold weather) where the keys just turn in the lock without functioning. Sometimes the main dealerships suggest it is down to a worn key or a lock barrel needing replacement ......costs are: In UK typically £180 for a new key and £80 for new lock barrel.....just crazy prices.

A way to fix it ( which I agree) is to get some WD 40 or similar penetrating oil on to the lock solenoid......most suggest this requires taking off the inner door panel......FORGET THAT ......here's the solution I found which is very simple....

Get a piece of wire and hold open the tiny sprung flap cover to the key entry aperture....whilst the hole is thus open, squirt some WD40 into the aperture ( maybe a 2 second squirt) aim the fluid stream as accurately as possible into the aperture.....remove wire...put in key and keep working it both to lock and unlock, until the lock functions ok.....repeat the process if necessary. until the lock works( the oil needs a short while to penetrate and lubricate)............I'm am pretty certain this WILL FIX THE PROBLEM( it did for me!).......

Best wishes, Keith Richardson ( London, England)

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Many thanks for the tip. I'll move this to Technical where people tehd to look for advice like this.

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Not just Peugeots:-

I posted almost the exact same procedure on L200 owner's club forum on the 22nd dec:-

2005 L200 trojan Classic 4D56T

The key didn't want to unlock the driver's door today - would lock it ok but would not unlock, seemed to come up against a solid mechanical barrier. Tried the spare key, the grey one that won't lock or unlock the glove box - worked perfectly ok. Got the large WD40 can with the red wand into the lock - and followed it up with the airline at 120psi, and then some more WD. Worked it with the spare key,that freed it up. Tried the key that wouldn't work-now it works ok.
WTF is going on here? Anyone who has had the locks in bits?-I don't fancy doing it outside in the rain at the moment.

About half a dozen other owners reported the same problem.

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I've had many locks apart - esopecially Rover ones and they all suffer from water ingress. This affects the internals and makes them stick. The toggles have the most miniscule amount of lubricant on them - therefore after a few years the lubricant is just about useless. WD40 is a great way to lubricate lock internals - however you will need to do it on a regular basis (WD40 will also stop your satellite picture going off in heavy rain - just spray the dish head and its fixed!!).

Locks can be dismantled if you take your time - wash the internals in parafin or clean with surgical spirit (I prefer). lubricate with vaseline and reassemble.

A bit of advise when its frosty - clench your fist loosely - put it against the door lock and blow hard for 10 seconds - this will defrost the most frozen lock!!! It's NEVER failed in my 40+ years of motoring.

Hope this helps

Robin the Technician - I fix, therefore I am

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Locks have grease in them from new. This fills the space betwen the tumblers and stops water and debris getting into the workings.

The trouble is that most people (and cut price service outlets) don't refresh this grease on a regular basis. It eventually gets washed out and the lock then suffers from dirt ingress and freezing (then the condensation inside freezes).

WD40 is great for washing out your locks, but isn't an effective long term lubricant as the carrier solvent dries out and just leaves a film behind.

A few days after you've washed your locks out with WD40, apply white grease generously. This will fill the spaces and help prevent moisture ingress. White grease isn't the specified lube, but it's readily available in spray form and can be applied easily with the nozzle supplied. It's also non staining so won't matter too much if you get some off the key onto your hands or clothes.

Puegeot 406 - Fixing Door Locks Where a Key Spins in the Lock - Cyd

Previous advice on the matter here:


Puegeot 406 - Fixing Door Locks Where a Key Spins in the Lock - Cyd

The Peugeot Citroen locks are particularly prone because the lock barrels are cheap crap made of plastic. I have a Dispatch van and it suffers the same problem.

Clean out regularly with WD and fill with white grease.

Puegeot 406 - Fixing Door Locks Where a Key Spins in the Lock - Sudds

I came across this after a Google search when my boot lock stopped working. Worked a treat, thanks for the advice :-)

Puegeot 406 - Fixing Door Locks Where a Key Spins in the Lock - Ben96-406
WD-40 in the lock worked a treat. Thanks
Puegeot 406 - Fixing Door Locks Where a Key Spins in the Lock - vmturbo

I bought a 406 hdi estate as a stop-gap car. BAD MISTAKE! Good points are that it uses no oil or water. Bad points are locks and fob. When the car was purchased the seller said that he just used the fob as the metal key would not open the doors (note by fob I mean the fob built into the key)

The car had been working OK the day before but in the morning the car would not open. The red LED on the key was not lighting indicating a dud coin cell. When a new coin cell was fitted the LED lit-up all the time! The button, which is rubber, had swelled-up and presumably the fob had been generating codes all night long. Fob and car now out of sync.

To re-sync one has to disconnect the car battery but the bonnet release is inside the car. The Pug dealers advised smashing a window. Instead WD40 was tried on the locks. The boot lock almost works but it fails to catch properly. Possibility number 1 is that the car has Superlocking. Possibility no 2 is that the ignition lock and key have been swapped by by a previous owner. Its likely to cost a packet to put right.

Some drilling might be next.

Puegeot 406 - Fixing Door Locks Where a Key Spins in the Lock - Falkirk Bairn

My son had remote key issues on 2 x Toyotas.

The electronics "worked " i.e the redlight glowed.

Off Ebay he bought a new key case for about £3.

Took the new remote key apart, put in the old key blade, the electronics module,

& a new battery - BINGO - 5 mins he had a fully functioning remote key for under a fiver!

Won't fix your rolling barrel but at £5 it is surely worth a punt.

About 6 mths later the 2nd key was acting up - worked again.

Puegeot 406 - Fixing Door Locks Where a Key Spins in the Lock - gordonbennet

This lock spinning without engaging used to happen regularly on Citroen C5 even brand new (in transport mode remote not connected), nine times out of ten a bit of wiggling and it would open, probably similar internals of the 406 of those years.

Regular greasing of the locks is something i have always done, especially on cars with remote plippers where invariably the boot key lock (if the maker was sensible or generous enough to fit one) would have never been used and would often be almost seized.

I use chain lube or spray grease via an aerosol with extension probe, shove the thing right into the lock and give it a blast, best done now before the first winter salt and flat battery combine to give you a right headache one morning.

One thing i love about Landcruisers, central locking as well as via plipper also works via the keyhole from all three door locks, very handy when the oddly poor Toyota plipper breaks apart (the locks themselves are high quality products so why supply a cheap rubbish key on such a vehicle), as FB above, plenty of spare casings with blank key on the bay so quick changeover of innards and get a locksmith to copy the old key, job done, £15 by the time its cut including a now flip open plipper versus getting on for £200 for a new basic plipper from the parts desk.

Puegeot 406 - Fixing Door Locks Where a Key Spins in the Lock - vmturbo

Sorry but on a high mileage Peugeot 406 Hdi estate this is unlikely to work, highly unlikely in fact. What happens is that the steering lock wears out first. The car owner then gets a new steering lock and key. The new key is synchronised to the car and the plipper works OK.

The fact that the car doors cannot be opened mechanically by the new key is ignored and the original keys get lost. Next the rough Peugeot gets sold in an online auction.

Eventually the rubber button on the plip key, perishes and swells-up . The swollen button presses the microswitch all night long and in the morning the coin cell is flat. Of course a far more serious problem is that thousands and thousands of codes have been generated so the car is no longer synchronised with the plip.

To do a reset one needs to get into the car. Unfortunately the car is locked-up and it is no longer talking to the plip! The main dealers advice was "Smash a window!" Hopefully the car can be entered by using another method such as drilling a now useless lock barrel. After this fiasco I don't really want another Phew Joe!

Take care!


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